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If you’ve been around the block a few times across the iGaming industry, then we are going to assume you’ve come across the name Slingo a few times. For those that don’t know, Slingo is a 5 reel slot/bingo hybrid that plays with 12 paylines. It’s confusing to get an idea of what the hell a Slingo is at first, we’ll admit it, but you’ll get used to it. 

The Slingo slot game here can be played from as little as 20p up to £25, in addition to showcasing an RTP set at 95%. Oh, and Slingo plays with medium volatility too, which makes it a very rewarding game for those intermediate punters out there! Slingo is played best over hour-long sessions. In our opinion, why that is will become clear soon enough. 

Try not to get too flustered if Slingo doesn’t make sense right away — once you get a few spins under your belt, the rest should be a cakewalk. Learn more about the uniqueness of Slingo by reading on below! 

Slingo Theme and Graphics

Slingo has a tendency to confuse people, as it isn’t just the name of this 3d slots game here, but it’s also the name of the developer who makes said game. Slingo is the only company to directly include their name in the games they produce; few free to correct us if we’re wrong. Slingo games have been a thing for quite some time now. Presently they deal with big brands, creating games that fit their mould.

The Slingo game board looks a hell of a lot like most standard bingo setups, the only difference is you are spinning up numbers/symbols that correspond to what you see in front of you. The aim in any Slingo game is to mark off rows with as many as five symbols, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Another useful fact: wins in Slingo games are referred to as Slingos. 

All Slingo games are compatible with mobile devices, which makes them very fun to use when you’re on the move. Graphics of every Slingo title we’ve come across has been on-point, too — that’s a universal rule too. It doesn’t matter if you play on mobile or desktop. Be sure to check out these variants of Slingo for sure, and they’re fantastic: 

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How to Play Slingo Slots

Head on over to Bonanza Slots to play Slingo, and you’ll have access to a world of promotions in addition to the games you see! Right now, they’re giving you 500 free spins in Bonanza Megaways on sign-up. Talk about nifty! You’ll need an account to play and follow these steps to set that up: 

  1. Give your personal details.
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Deposit using one of the many gateways and spin! 

Told you it was easy! Once you have money in your account, you should be pretty much ready to go. Still not sure what happens next? No worries, here’s how you get Slingo moving: 

  1. Click on Slingo.
  2. Set your bets.
  3. Hit spin and away you go! 

The best thing about Slingo is that it comes with a free play mode — which will no doubt be essential to a lot of you newbies out there who might have no idea what to expect from this one. Bet margins are quite generous, to begin with, but these free plays will provide essential experience to those not wanting to spend a thing before they’re good and ready. 

Slot Game Data

You’ll quickly come to learn of the benefits that come with a game like Slingo; it takes all the best bits of bingo and slots, merging them into this tidy bow full of action and excitement! These stats below should help you determine whether this is the right game for you. 

RTP - Slingo plays with 95% RTP.

Volatility - This game plays with medium volatility.

Minimum and Maximum Bets - As mentioned, punters can play from 2p up to £25.

Paylines - 12 paylines await

Reels - Slingo comes with 5 reels total.

Bonuses - Free spins are very helpful here in Slingo, the same goes for the jokers.

Maximum Payout - A max win here will give you 500x your stake.

Exclusive Symbols - Numbers and cheeky jesters

Look at the table below to summarize everything we’ve touched on above; see what we mean about rewarding! 

Slingo Characteristics
Minimum Bet Per Spin £0.20
Maximum Bet Per Spin £25
Return to Player (RTP) 95%
Volatility Medium
Theme Hybrid Game
Bonus Features Wild / Free Spins

*All values are subject to change at any time.

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Slingo Free Spins & Bonus Games

Because Slingo is, at its core, a bingo game, the use of features tends to be quite minimal. Try to keep in mind that the standard version of Slingo is fun in its own right, so the fact that there are even features here, to begin with, is just the icing on the cake. 

Joker Bonus

Should the friendly joker appear on the reel, he’ll instantly mark off any number in the column above, thus giving you more of a chance to earn Slingos! Super jokers are a thing here too, finding those will mark off any number on the entire board!

Free Spins

Free spins here in Slingo are shown via the free spins box you see on-screen — the number of spins you have here will correspond to how many you have left. Be sure to hit this button whenever possible to activate free spins in the Slingo game!

Last Thoughts on this Online Slot

Anyone who is an avid online gamer should want to check out Slingo at least once in their lives. Playing Slingo is like playing a cluster slot for the first time, something so far out of left field yet familiar at the same time. Now has never been a better time to play Slingo either, as right now you have access to dozens of Slingo variations, as we’ve already mentioned! 


Bonanza Slots has many of the Slingo titles already over there, all waiting to be played by you! The site itself is an amicable place to be, with various promotions available upon sign-up! Here are but a few Slingo games you’ll find here:

  • Slingo Lucky Streak 
  • Slingo Riches 
  • Slingo Fortunes