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How To Cancel The Postcode Lottery

How To Cancel The Postcode Lottery

Welcome to Bonanza Slots. In today's blog post, we're exploring the Postcode Lottery, a popular subscription-based lottery system where winners are determined by their postal code. Many of you might be wondering whether it's possible to cancel your subscription to the Postcode Lottery and, if so, how to go about it. 

Whether you're a seasoned participant or completely new to this concept, we've got you covered. By the end of this post, you'll understand what the Postcode Lottery is, learn if you can cancel your subscription, and discover the steps to do so. 

What Is The Postcode Lottery?

The Postcode Lottery is a unique form of lottery that turns your home address postcode into your ticket for the draws. Instead of picking numbers, your postal code is entered into draws for a chance to win cash prizes and more. 

It operates on a subscription basis, meaning participants pay a monthly fee to have their postcode included in daily, weekly, and monthly draws. The more people from your area who join, the better your chances of winning, and prizes are shared among winners in the same postcode. This community-focused approach not only adds excitement to the traditional lottery model but also benefits various charities, with a portion of the proceeds going to good causes. 

Can The Postcode Lottery Be Cancelled?

Yes, participants can cancel their subscription to the Postcode Lottery at any time. 

Whether your circumstances have changed or you've simply decided that the Postcode Lottery isn't for you, the process to stop your participation is straightforward and hassle-free. This flexibility ensures that you're in control of your subscription, allowing you to opt out without facing complicated procedures or hidden fees. 

In the following section, we will guide you through the simple steps to cancel your Postcode Lottery subscription, ensuring you can make this change smoothly and with confidence. 

How Do You Cancel The Postcode Lottery?

Cancelling your Postcode Lottery subscription is a fairly straightforward process. 

First, log into your Postcode Lottery account online. Navigate to your account settings, where you'll find a section dedicated to cancellation. Here, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the cancellation process. 

You might be asked to provide a reason for your decision to cancel or to complete a short survey. This step is often included to help improve the service. 

After you've followed all the necessary steps and confirmed your cancellation, you will receive a confirmation of the cancellation, ensuring that your subscription has been successfully stopped. The process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those new to online transactions can complete it with ease and confidence. 

Cancelling Postcode Lottery PayPal Subscription

For those who pay for their Postcode Lottery subscription through PayPal, cancellation can be easily managed directly via your PayPal account. 

Simply log in to your PayPal account and navigate to the 'Automatic Payments' section found within your account settings. Here, you'll be able to locate your Postcode Lottery subscription payment among your list of active automatic payments. Select the Postcode Lottery subscription and proceed to cancel it. 

Upon cancellation, PayPal will send you a confirmation email or message, serving as proof that your subscription has been successfully stopped. 

However, to ensure that your cancellation is fully processed, it's a good idea to also confirm the cancellation directly with the Postcode Lottery. This additional step helps to ensure that there are no discrepancies and that your subscription is indeed cancelled, giving you peace of mind. 

Cancel Postcode Lottery Direct Debit

If your Postcode Lottery subscription is paid via Direct Debit, you can cancel it through your bank. Start by logging into your online banking app or website. Look for the 'Regular Payments' section within your account settings - note that the exact name might vary depending on your bank. Within this section, you should find your Postcode Lottery subscription listed among your Direct Debits. Select it and proceed to cancel. 

Following cancellation, your bank will typically send you a confirmation email or message indicating that the Direct Debit has been successfully stopped. 

Even after receiving this confirmation from your bank, it's wise to touch base with the Postcode Lottery directly to confirm the cancellation. This ensures that both your bank and the Postcode Lottery are on the same page regarding the status of your subscription, fully securing the cancellation process. 


In summary, the Postcode Lottery offers a unique, community-based approach to winning prizes in a lottery game that uses participants' postal codes as the ticket, with subscriptions that can be cancelled at any time. 

Cancelling your subscription can be done easily online through your Postcode Lottery account, via PayPal for those who use this payment method, or through your bank if you pay by Direct Debit. Remember to confirm the cancellation directly with the Postcode Lottery after stopping payments to ensure the process is complete. 

With these straightforward steps, managing your Postcode Lottery subscription is simple, giving you flexibility and control over your participation.