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How To Find RTP On Online Slot Games?

How To Find RTP On Online Slot Games?

Online slots are perhaps the most popular type of online casino game. One crucial aspect that seasoned players often look for before delving into a slot game is the Return to Player (RTP) rate. Understanding the RTP and its implications can significantly deepen your understanding of online slot gaming as well as potentially enhance your online casino experience. 

This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the concept of RTP, how to find it, and what constitutes a good RTP. 

What Is RTP In Online Slots?

RTP, an acronym for Return to Player, is a term used in the domain of online slot games. It is a percentage that indicates the amount of money a slot game is expected to return to players over a long period, in theory. It is important to note that the RTP is a theoretical average derived from millions of simulated spins. Thus, it doesn't act as a guarantee of any potential winnings from a slot game. 

For instance, if you're playing an online slot with a 96% RTP, theoretically, the slot averages as paying £96 back out to players for every £100 wagered in the long run. However, it doesn't necessarily imply that if you wager £100, you will get £96 back. 

How To Find RTP On Slots Online?

Finding the RTP of online slots is generally a straightforward process. Most online slot games offer this information within the game itself. It's typically indicated on the Info page, paytable, or accessible via the Help icon of the slot game. 

If the information is not readily available within the game, you can check the developer's website, where RTP rates are usually listed. If all else fails, a quick search on an online search engine with the game's name followed by RTP will provide the required information. 

What Is A Good RTP For Online Slots?

The definition of a 'good' RTP can vary among players. Generally, the industry average RTP for online slot games is around 95%. Therefore, any slot game with an RTP rate above this figure is usually considered to have a 'good' RTP. 

Nonetheless, it's essential to remember that playing a slot game with a high RTP does not necessarily guarantee winnings. The outcomes of slot games are inherently random, and the actual results in a player's session may not reflect the RTP rate. 

Do Different Slots Have Different Odds?

Indeed, not all slot machines share the same odds. The odds of a slot machine are primarily determined by its RTP percentage. However, other factors such as the design, number of reels and paylines, and volatility can significantly influence the odds of each slot machine. 

Collectively, these elements give each slot machine its own unique character and set of odds. 

Which Online Slot Game Has The Highest RTP?

There are numerous online slot games with high RTP rates available. Some popular ones include Blood Suckers (98% RTP), Zeus Lightning (97.73% RTP), Golden Tour (97.71% RTP), Halloween Fortune (97.06% RTP), and A Pirate's Quest (96.10% RTP). 

It's important to note that a high RTP rate does not guarantee winnings. Slot games are primarily games of chance, and outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), ensuring unpredictable results. Therefore, players might receive more or less than the stated RTP rate, or they may win nothing at all. 


An understanding of the RTP rate can be a useful tool when deciding which online slot games to play. While it's not a strict guarantee of winnings, it does offer an indicator of potential payouts over a long period of play. As always, it's crucial to enjoy your gaming experience responsibly and remember that all outcomes in slot games are entirely random, so your results may not reflect the RTP rate. 

Remember, slot games are intended as a form of entertainment above all else, not as a means to make money. Always stick to a budget and never chase losses. 

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.