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New Online Slots with Jackpots

What are the Jackpot Slots?

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The modern age is more convenient, and online casinos try their best to offer players the best gaming experience at their home—no need to go to brick and mortar casinos to get your gambling fix. The transformation is not only limited to online casinos; they expand towards games as well. The classic three-reel fruits slots evolve into five-reel video slot games, jackpot slots, and progressive jackpots. You won't only win a small fraction of rewards on these slots, but it can convert into huge winning potential with progressive jackpots.

These progressive jackpots allow slot players to win up to seven-figure cash rewards.

Do you know that slots with jackpots are the richest casino games in the online gambling business? In this new online slots with jackpots review, we will discuss everything related to the jackpot and win a huge potential win with a low budget.

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What are the Jackpot Slots?

When you join an online casino, let's say Bonanza Slots, and you register to the site and claim the welcome offer to win up to 500 free spins on Bonanza Megaways with only a £10 deposit (FULL T&Cs APPLY). When you open the game lobby, the upper navigation bar features the Jackpot tab. What are Jackpots? Let's start from the base: the jackpot is real cash rewards that players win on an online game casino site when they happen to hit the winning combinations.

There are mainly two types of jackpots slots offer in online casinos:

  1. Progressive Jackpots: These jackpot slot games are the show stealers that end up offering millions as rewards. The basics behind these jackpots are that every time you make a wager, a small fraction contributes towards the progressive jackpot. It keeps increasing until someone hits the winning combination and claims all the money.
  2. Fixed Jackpot: These jackpots also refer as non-progressive slots. They also offer substantial winning potential, but no matter how many players wager on the slot game, the prize remains fixed. The key to hitting the jackpot is landing a winning combination on the slot game.

Finding New Jackpot Slots at Online Casinos

Many online casinos offer jackpots slots, and software developers are introducing new slots every day, increasing players' options. Most online slots like Bonanza Slots have a whole tab received for the jackpot slots for players' convenience. However, when you are searching for slots with jackpots, we recommend following some basic principles, which include:

  • Available Bonuses: Players are always searching for good bonuses, so always register to an online casino offering a generous welcome offer with lucrative rewards. You can get some free spins on one of your favourite slot games or free bonus credit with no deposit.
  • Games Availability: We don't have to say that, but it's evident if you are looking for jackpots slots, the casino slots should have an ample number of jackpots slots in their collection. A healthy jackpot slots dose will keep you coming to the casino frequently.
  • Capped Amount: It's an essential factor to consider when looking for an online casino for jackpots slots. Most casinos restrict players to a limited withdrawing amount. It's important to know what limit the casino imposes if you hit a grand jackpot. It should not take ages to cash out.
  • Payment Method: Another essential aspect is the payment gateways no use in winning a jackpot when you cannot withdraw through your preferred payment option. Bonanza Slots offer multiple payment methods to deposit or withdraw money from the casino.

Best Jackpot Slots of 2021

Jackpots or Progressive jackpot slots promise sufficient business to game developers, so it starts the battle where every software developer wages on providing the best gaming experience. Let's look at some of the best jackpot slots of 2021 that make players millionaires with a single spin.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a fan favourite jackpot slot game by the pioneer gaming developer Microgaming. The developer is famous for featuring progressive jackpot slot games with minor, mini, major and mega jackpots. The maximum jackpot won on the game is 18,915,872.81. You can win superb rewards through different bonus features and free spins. All in the game is super fun and rewarding in a single package.

Book of Ra Deluxe Jackpot Slot

Novomatic extraordinary production Book of Ra Deluxe Jackpot is a popular title at online casinos. You will feature different kinds of jackpot on the game giving players ample opportunities to make small or big wins. The mobile-friendly slot game features HD graphics with excellently designed bonus features.

Megabucks Jackpot Slot

Megabucks Jackpot is a famous slot amount game in Las Vegas, and it sure makes an excellent mark in the jackpot slots tiles. You can win millions on the high-quality design slot game.

Jackpot slots often get the highlight because of the massive amount players won by these games. The biggest jackpot slot win worldwide is seven-figure, and the first place goes to Mega Moolah with 18.9 million, whereas Mega Fortune ranks second with 17.86 million cash rewards.

Jackpot Slots Gameplay

Online slots based on RNG technology mean that every winning combination is generated randomly by the slot game's software. However, you cannot make strategies to land the symbols at your choice on the reel. However, you can make betting strategies, but a jackpot is a pure luck and nothing more at the end of the hitting.

If someone proposes they have a cheating code that makes you win a jackpot at the slot game, they are a scam. We assure you there are specific ways like budgeting, making financial decisions and selecting the suitable jackpots slots that pave your paths towards winning.

The question is, how can you increase your chances of winning the jackpot? There are specific measures that can help you reach your ultimate goal. Always keep in mind, the more the jackpot amount on the spot, especially the progressive jackpots, the better your chances of claiming, and that's the excellent point to make a start. Moreover, you can also choose the slot game based on its RTP and variance to increase your winning potential.

How to claim Your Jackpot

Claiming a jackpot is a two-phase procedure the first part is how you can play slots with jackpots on any online casino:

  • Choose an online casino with an expansive jackpot slot collection.
  • Deposit funds to wager with real money on any slot game
  • Click on the jackpot slot you want to play.
  • Place a wager with real money according to the slot's bet range.
  • Spin the reels or activate the autoplay feature for an intuitive approach
  • The trick is to land matching symbols on the payline and make winning combinations.
  • You could be lucky enough to land the correct symbols and hit the jackpot.

Now you have hit the jackpot; most players will think that's it! But the reality is this is not the end. After winning the jackpot, it's time to claim your winning. Here are some simple steps to follow when you win the jackpot:

  • The first step is to recheck every to confirm you won the right amount or what you think and read all the details.
  • If you are playing slot on your smartphone, take some screenshots for evidence.
  • The next step is verification the online casino will make sure that no fraud or cheating happens to win the jackpot.
  • The casino may interview some of the stars for social media promotion, and this is the point where you need valid credit or debit card information on hand. You may need it to withdraw your winnings.
  • With each casino and developer, the payout process is different for some top brands like Microgaming; they payout the whole amount but in a specific time, two to three weeks. Some casinos let players cash out in weeks or months, but you get your entire winnings in the end. That is the reason you must always read the details carefully.


This section will clear some general queries about new online slots with jackpots. You can find answers to all of your questions below.

How to win a progressive jackpot slot?

It's important to know that you know the right point when you're ready to play the game when playing progressive jackpot slot. Start with playing slowly and increase your stake gradually.

What is meant by fixed jackpots?

Fixed jackpots are rewards that non-progressive jackpots can win or called regular slots. The prize amount is set for some specific combinations and bonuses and does not depend on the number of players or the pool of money collected per person. Instead, what won has an upper limit.

Are there bonus rounds in jackpot slots?

Yes, mostly all the slot games have bonus rounds with jackpots. Jackpots are the ultimate route for any slot game to reach the maximum potential win.

There are many bonus rounds like free spins, re-spins, expanding wilds and many more. Every slot game has its unique bonus features with some standard ones.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.