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Casino Glossary

Casino Terms Reviewed

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Have you been caught out at the casino lacking in your understanding of terms? Whether you are playing at a brick-and-mortar casino or online at Bonanza Slots, games move pretty fast. It will therefore help your game to have a basic understanding of what certain terms mean.

Whether you are a newbie player, or an experienced player wanting to refresh your memory before diving back into the casino action, we’ve got you covered. Here you can delve into some key casino terms that are likely to pop up across the most popular games, such as Blackjack and Poker.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it is a good way to get started before throwing your chips around. Below are a number of basic terms every player should know, as well as some more obscure terms, strategies, and more humorous phrases players could throw around at the casino or as they spin some slots games.

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All In

In a game of poker when players stake all their remaining chips, they are going all in. Commonly paired with the audible announcement of ‘All in!’


A number of chips players are required to put into the pot before cards are dealt in a game of poker. Blinds are used instead in games of Texas Hold’em.


The cash that a player has set aside to play with. There are numerous strategies to manage bankroll and it is always a good idea to play with a designated amount.


Barred players are banned from entering a casino or playing at an online casino, due to unacceptable behaviour – don’t let this be you!

Beginner’s Luck

Newbies going on unusually long winning runs may be benefiting from a little beginner’s luck.


In Texas Hold’em, blinds are forced bets that players must play before the hand begins. Each hand one player is designated as the small blind and one as the big blind – both will be left of the dealer.

Buy In

Refers to the amount a player must wager to enter a game.


In poker when a player matches the bet that came before them by betting.


Staying in the poker game with a knock on the table without raising. So, if nobody has currently made a bet, players can check and the play moves on to the next person until somebody raises or the round ends.

Check in the Dark

Checking before looking at your cards – who could be so cheeky!

Chip and a Chair

This phrase refers to the fact that a poker player with just one remaining chip and a chair at the table could still be victorious.


The round discs used to make bets at casino tables. Players exchange money for these chips at the start of the game and then cash them out again after.

Counting Cards

A process of remembering which cards have been played and calculating which are most likely to be drawn next. Players can use this technique to aid their gameplay, but many casinos will not take kindly to it!

D’Alembert System

A roulette strategy used to manage bankroll on even bets. Players decide on a base unit stake and then either increase their stake by this amount if they lose or decrease if they win.


The casino employee dealing cards to players for games. Dealers take a more active role in some games than others.


Depositing involves adding funds to a casino account to make bets with.

Down to the Felt

A player with little to no chips left on the table is down to the felt – don’t let it be you!

Eye in the Sky

Overhead cameras in casinos keeping an eye on players.


Folding is forfeiting a hand and any money wagered in a round. Players may want to fold if they do not have good hands and do not want to continue betting until they have new cards.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The misconception that something is more likely to happen if it has not happened recently. Often applied to casino games such as roulette where players believe a red must be coming if there have been five blacks in a row.


The cards currently held by the player in a game.


Another term for the casino, particularly emphasising its role in games.

House Edge

The advantage a casino has over the players that ensures it profits over time. For example, in roulette, players do not quite get a 50/50 shot at red or black because of the green zero space on the wheel.


Side bets in blackjack that win if the dealer hits 21 with their second card. Insurance bets can therefore be made when the dealer shows an ace for their first card. The value of an insurance bet is half the player’s original stake.

Martingale System

A roulette strategy where players double their next bet every time they lose. It is widely considered to be a risky and unsustainable strategy in the long run.


Increasing the current bet in a hand of poker


Special slots symbols that often trigger bonus features and can also land wins.


Someone is spooking if they stand behind the dealer and tries to catch a glimpse of cards – watch out for the eye in the sky!

Wagering Requirements

At online casinos, wagering requirements require players to bet a certain amount before they can withdraw any winnings they have gained from a free bet.

Welcome Bonus

After registering with an online casino, players often receive a welcome bonus in the form of free spins or bonus credit.


A whale is a high roller who plays with big stakes, looking to win big jackpots.


Special slots symbols that can substitute for regular symbols and form a winning combination.

Well, that's it for today. If you want to learn more on the slots terminology, follow the above link!