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Are you tired of having to register with every single online casino and making deposit after deposit when playing slot games?

Well, there have been certain innovations in the last few years that make paying for slots online so much easier. I am, of course, talking about pay by phone casino.

What is pay by phone casino?

Pay by phone casino is the newest and most efficient way to pay for your slot games. It rounds up all of the money that you deposit to play slot online with and adds it to your phone bill. That way, you pay for your slot games when you pay for your phone.

This is a totally legitimate way to pay and is becoming increasingly popular with the transition from online casinos and mobile slots.

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Why use pay by phone casino?

It is no coincidence that the pay by phone casino method of paying for slot games has come along at the same time that smart phones are becoming the most used device to play slots online.

That is because it aims to provide security for players. Think about it.

As you are walking along or on the bus while playing slot games on your phone, you are connecting to and disconnecting to several internet routers. Do you know which of these are secure?

Probably not. That is why it is much safer to pay for slots online in one lump sum, one that you pay via bank transfer. If you are making lots of individual deposits into your online casino account on the move, you are putting yourself at great risk of an unknown party getting access to your bank details.

Your phone provider already has these details as they are required to pay for your smart phone. The transfer you make will also be done on the internet connection that you trust the most, your own.

That is why the pay by phone casino exists. But how do you go about paying with your phone? The answer is Boku.

What is Boku?

Boku is a new method of banking, one that caters entirely in digital goods. That means online slot games.

By using Boku, you can choose between either charging your slot deposits to your mobile number or having the sum deducted from the balance that you have pre-paid.

The choice is entirely yours and works with whatever phone plan that you have. Boku wants to work to help you be safe and secure while making purchases online.

Is it worth using Boku?

As I mentioned before, the smart phone is becoming the go to device to play slots online. With that trend rising, that means more and more people are electing to use the pay by phone casino method.

This all leads to more online casinos electing to recognise Boku as a payment device. Check out the casino sites that already allow players to use Boku:

If you are worried about pay by phone casino or Boku being a passing fad, do not fret. All signs point to mobile slots and pay by phone casino uk sites becoming the future of online slot games. So, yes. It is worth using Boku.

What if Boku isn’t for me?

Signing up to use Boku is easy. All you need to do is log on to Boku’s site, register your mobile number and you’re done.

But let’s say that you try playing slots online with Boku and you do not like it. Or you don’t find the pay by phone casino method all that useful. That’s no bother.

You can cancel your Boku registration at any time by going to their site again and blocking your number. That will stop your subscription.

There are plenty of other ways to use pay by phone casino or other ways to deposit and play slot online securely.


The way current trends are going, mobile slots and the pay by phone casino look to be the future of playing slots online. If you want to jump on board with this future, Boku is a great way of doing so. It is also one of the best services to help keep you safe and secure whilst playing slots online.

If not, do not worry. You can always find another third party site or deposit method that suits you. Just make sure that you are always safe online.