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Pay by Phone Casino UK


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To keep up with significant trends, phone companies and casino sites need to adapt to remain relevant.

They have done this rather successfully with the advent of the pay by phone casino, a rapidly growing innovation, one that the UK has gotten on board with in recent years. But what is a pay by phone casino?

What is a pay by phone casino UK?

You may hear it mentioned as pay by phone bill casino as they are one and the same thing. Pay by phone casino is a method in which players can deposit to play slot games.

It makes sense that companies in the UK would choose to implement this method as mobile slots are quickly becoming the most popular way to play slots online. Pay by phone casino means that a player can play slots online by adding the amount that they deposit to their phone contract or mobile number.

The amount that a player deposits to play mobile slots is added to their phone bill, hence pay by mobile casino.

Why would someone choose to do this?

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Phone Casinos Popularity in the UK

For those that are unfamiliar with casino sites, you will be unaware of the traditional deposit method. To deposit to play slots online, players need an online casino account. This is where players put the money that they want to play slots online with and need to keep topping this up when the amount runs out.

This is incredibly time consuming. With pay by phone casino, the endless topping up of credit is not an issue. All of the money that you use to play is accrued and paid alongside your phone bill. Therefore, there is no need to make lots of individual transactions.

The pay by phone casino method is especially beneficial to players in the UK as they have passed a law that states players cannot pay for slots online using a credit card. The pay by phone casino boku is a great way for UK players to offset this and pay for slots legally in a monthly sum.

These are great benefits to players but the best is yet to come with pioneers like Bonanza Slots in the UK.

Safety and Security with a mobile casino

Let’s consider mobile online slot games for a second. They are played whilst on the move. You can play them on your smart phone from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. This is great in terms of convenience however not so great in terms of online security.

When you are playing mobile slots on the go, it is likely that you are transferring between multiple internet sources. How many of these do you recognise as secure? If it is not secure, should you really be repeatedly depositing money into a casino site, one that holds your bank details?

With the pay by phone casino method, internet security is less of an issue. All of your deposits are paid for alongside your phone bill. The phone company already has your bank details so there is no need to keep re-entering them. Since you pay for your phone monthly and via bank transfer, it is safe to assume that you pay from one location using the most secure internet provider, your own.

If you trust your internet provider, you can trust pay by phone casino.

This all sounds fantastic but there is one thing that players must consider.


One thing that players may come across whilst using the pay by phone casino method to pay for slots online is a deposit limit. It is not always present however some casino sites or phone providers may set a limit on how much you can deposit using this method.

This is only a limitations depending on how often you play slots online. For example, Hex Casino only allows players to deposit £30 a day and this limit changes across sites. £30 a day in the UK is still a lot to play with, especially for those that do not play mobile slots every day.


The pay by phone casino is the perfect payment solution to counter the rapid changes to slots online. The main benefit of mobile slots is convenience however its main drawback is lack of security.

The pay by phone casino method off sets security issues in a big way, allowing players to play mobile slots with ease. Slot players in the UK can rejoice as the pay by phone casino is now being recognised as a valid payment method by casino sites and phone companies alike.